Board Of Directors Continues To Snub Members… Almost!

blindfolded-manAfter many weeks of receiving dozens of letters of concern from members across the country both current and resigned, there has been no response to anyone that we are aware of.

From the otherwise stony silence of impudence there has been but a single shocking response from one of the Board members. Long-time member and brother of Dr. William Pierce, Sanders Pierce placed a phone call to board member Ryan Maziarka and received a response that was totally unexpected.

The board member expressed that he does not pay attention to the goings on within the organization and therefore could offer no comment on the dire situation.

Now how’s that for keeping up with your responsibilities? Certainly this must be a dereliction of duty on this board members part. It’s bad enough for both board members to have snubbed all the inquiries they received but this one actually admits his irresponsibility.

Certainly such callousness could potentially land these board members in some legal difficulty if they continue with their arrogant obstinacy.

This is evidence that the Board of Directors as constituted, a body put together by the Chairman, is nothing more than a good ole boy rubber stamp committee as charged in Jim Ring’s A Message of Hope for the National Alliance.

Members continue to resign and are otherwise dropping their support and continue to send their letters demanding change to these so-called Board of Directors nonetheless.

All of us know full well that the Alliance doesn’t need a new direction as claimed by Mr. Gliebe but it does need a new Director. Even the still remaining members know this to be so. And this needs to happen sooner than later otherwise it will be too late. Ten years of this nonsense is much too much. One way or the other, it will soon come to an end.

If Mr. Gliebe gets his hands on the long held up Canadian bequeath or decides to sell off Dr. Pierce’s West Virginia property, it will then be “End Game” for the National Alliance.

However, if the Board of Directors were to miraculously have a change of heart and do their duty, a New Era for this Movement will commence!

  1. I’m surprised that Morris Sodomite Dees didn’t try and use the courts to steal the property out of spite.

  2. i sent mine and havent heard shit

  3. Connor, I appreciate your response. I guess I really did not notice it because I always have the free speech page open to view the text that corresponds to each broadcast currently posted. I listen to Dr Pierce’s programs frequently but do so at where you can find 308 of his programs that will play non-stop from the first to the last. Since I bookmarked many of them under natvan’s normal site I have started to bookmark the ones on

    Some of the text are missing though, which I’ve found a few of them, but I am unable to find the text for Responding To Evil from early 1998. That is an excellent program. I am not sure how you feel about Dr Pierce but I find his message to be very important. Its a damn shame he passed away in 2002. I’d be pretty curious to hear his thoughts on Obama. I can imagine that they would be extremely powerful.

    Steven Lewis

    • I am an avid admirer of Dr. Pierce and his message. It is a shame the Alliance has been run into the ground like it has, but those true to Pierce and his movement are working to get things back on the right track. If you haven’t I encourage you to read Jim Ring’s “A Message of Hope for the National Alliance” article here: .

      I just spent some time looking for the text to “Responding to Evil” but was unsuccessful, I even looked though using’s WayBackMachine and was only able to find the audio. I will keep my eye out for it and post it here if I find it.

      In case you have not yet seen it, here is a collection of Pierce’s ADV text someone took the time to nicely put together, sadly it too seems to be missing “Responding to Evil.”

      • Thank you again. I will put the article you suggested at the top of my to read.list. I have found myself searching for the text to Responding to Evil several times only to be left frustrated.

        If I could type, I would transcribe it myself, but I’m not even close to being proficient at typing. I believe I may have seen the the Pierce’s ADV text collection on Scribd before. It looks really familiar. Thanks for the link.

        If I find someone who can type I will have them put the Responding to Evil broadcast to text and post it here.

        15 years ago my head was stuck in the mainstream media controlled world and I did not know who Dr. Pierce was. In fact, I only found about the amazing man about 3 years ago. However, I wasn’t completely asleep to the point where I couldn’t see what was being done to this country and our race. I think, I just thought it would not get to the point it has today.

        The 2012 Presidential debates and election may as well have been held in Israel. It couldn’t have been more obvious who their allegiance was to. I’d like to say I was shocked but nothing shocks me anymore. I was however; extremely mad and very upset. And yet people I spoke to could not see this nor did they take issue with it. I would not be surprised if they came out and admitted to the people that Jews run much if not all of our country.

        I will be 59 this month and I never thought I see this day. I admit I was complacent.

        Once again I thank you for the help and links.

  4. Anyone know why is down?

    • The NA’s main website and its mirror site, as well as the NA bookstore and the music store are all down, and have been for some time now. The Alliance websites regularly go down for weeks at a time. Reason one being the sites are very old and are badly neglected. Reason two being that the sites are all hosted on a very unreliable server, and Erich Gliebe neglects to take the time to have them transferred to a different server.

      Natall and Natvan are mirror sites. The idea is that if one goes down, the other will still be available. Though instead of having Natall hosted on one server and Natvan on another, in case a server goes down, they are both hosted on the same server.

      Just another example of Erich’s gross incompetence and dereliction of duty.


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